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Company overview

KriSan Biotech was founded in August, 2015 and is located in Tainan Science Park. KriSan has a group of professional team with 10+ years API experiences in average. KriSan engaged in development and production...

Products and Services

KriSan Biotech’s capable research and development teams stay with the process through scale-up to ensure a process development and seamless technology transfer from laboratory to manufacturing plant....

Contact Us

Address:4F No.30, Ln. 31, Sec. 1, Huandong Rd., Xinshi Dist., Tainan City 741, Taiwan

News & Events

2019/09 KriSan Biotech as a CDMO partner supplies Kg-scale of API to Atossa Genetic(NASDAQ: ATOS) from Pre-IND to Phase 2.

2019/09 KriSan Biotech and OncoArendi Therapeutic (OAT) have entered into an agreement of API supply from Pre-IND to Phase 2.


2019/03 Ms. Wang Yu Pei acts as President of KriSan Biotech Co., Ltd.


Congratulations!! KriSan Biotech obtained PICS/GMP certificate for pilot plant

2018/12 KSB obtain Health Workplace certification from Ministry of Health and Welfare
2018/10 2018 CPhI worldwide https://www.cphi.com/europe/
2018/06 2018 CPhI China https://www.cphi.com/china/visit
2018/03 Deliver oncology generic API to Japan
2017/12 Obtain Japan Accreditation certificate of foreign drug manufacturer. Number of accreditation: AG10600073

The Industrial Development Bureau, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA) has announced that “KriSan Biotech Co., Ltd.” is recommended as domestic pharmaceutical R & D services provider in Taiwan biotech pharmaceutical industry.



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