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KriSan Biotech was founded in August, 2015 and is located in Tainan Science Park. KriSan has a group of professional team with 10+ years API experiences in average. KriSan engages in development and production of APIs with high technical barriers and provides world-class services, which include process R&D, analytical method R&D and validation, CGMP production, CMC compiling and regulatory consultation.


KriSan targets two market segments in the global pharmaceutical industry:

  • Customized CRO/CDMO/CMO services: including the supply of gram to kilogram quantities of small molecule, peptide, and peptide-drug conjugate (PDC) from pre-clinical through phase 2 stages. KriSan can support CMC activities and regulation consultation.
  • Generic API manufacturing: mainly focus on the Japanese market with products provided years before originator/brand patents expire. Processes are guaranteed to be non-infringing, and products are supplied at price-competitive levels.
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